Our Products

    Kemal Mobile has an effective Research and Development team to implement various customized innovative products for every time. Always Kemal Mobile supports every innovative concept and get it into big way implementation over the world wide market. And even Kemal Mobile committed to practical formation of those ideas at any cost and get the things done in the right time.

Our Process

    Our process is one of partnership and consultation with our clients to provide the best possible resource augmentation.

Solution Driven

    Kemal Mobile takes time to understand your business and resource requirements and evaluates your future needs. This way Kemal Mobile provides meaningful expert solutions. This consultative, solution-driven approach is why clients continue to work with us.

Proven Partner

    Once Kemal Mobile works with a client we develop that relationship into a mutually beneficial one for long-term success. The benefit of a partner with your long-term interests in mind is clearly seen by all our successful clients.

Full-Service Staffing in One Company

    From temporary placement to full-time, regular employees, from payroll service to vendor management systems, from online HR expertise to on-site management, Kemal Mobile has flexible solutions for all your human resources needs.

Our Guarantee

    If you are not completely satisfied with our consultant for any reason during the initial week of the assignment, Kemal Mobile Staffing will immediately find you a new consultant at no additional charge.

For every client relationship, Kemal Mobile Staffing agrees to perform to the following quality standards:

  • We will send a Letter of Understanding after each meeting.
  • We will inquire which is the best way to communicate with you.
  • We will follow-up with a Search and Status Update every 24 hours.
  • We will complete a Candidate Profile on each candidate we submit.
  • We will conduct a Pattern Interview with each candidate we submit.
  • We will request On-Site, In-Person, Reference Checks for all of our candidates.
  • We will always provide candidates at Fair and Competitive Rates.
  • We will implement our Retention Program for each candidate we place.
  • We will perform a Quality Review at the end of each assignment.

Temporary Staffing

Our business strengths work for your business advantage :

    In everything we do, we are committed to our motto of providing "Great jobs with great companies for great people.

Kemal Mobile Staffing offers consultative assessment of your business needs:

Candidate recruitment:
  • Screening, skills assessment and qualifying of candidates
  • Job matching and tracking of qualified candidates
  • Retention and candidate development
  • Performance and quality assurance programs
  • Total commitment to customer service
Client Advantage

When Kemal Mobile Staffing fills your temporary staffing needs, you will realize many benefits:

  • Fulfilling short-term staffing needs
  • Achieving peak period demand for staffing
  • Reducing overtime
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving processes
  • Benchmarking process and productivity
  • Decreasing workers' compensation and other insurance costs
  • Saving money on benefits
  • "Try before you buy" decision making for new hires
  • A generous guarantee
Candidate Advantage

The benefits Kemal Mobile provides a temporary employee include: :

  • Offering a flexible work structure
  • Providing an alternative to full-time employment
  • Allowing you to evaluate different types of positions and organizations
  • Providing access to a full benefits package for you and your family
  • Assisting in your desire to change careers
  • Providing performance evaluations of your skills
  • Presenting feedback from clients on your performance
  • Offering employee development through training
  • Providing career advice and assistance

We excel at recruiting, screening, assessing and placing quality temporary employees at solid, reputable companies for short- and long-term assignments.