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IT Services

IT Services

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Custom Application Development

    We have a very good expertise in developing customized software which can be used to the different types of business. We have experience in developing customized software for telecom industry in Europe. These software was also successfully implemented using GPRS devices.

Java / J2EE Development

    Java is an Object Oriented Programming language, developed by Sun Microsystems in 1990. A number of syntax from C and C++ languages are borrowed in this programming language. Java applications are compiled in byte codes which supports the program to run on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) regardless of the computer architecture. Integrated automatic garbage collection is done by JVM which handles memory management. Java is considered as the core product of Sun's Java platform.

    Professionals at Kemal Mobile are highly skilful in Java development. They have hands-on experience on Java J2EE development projects. Kemal Mobile houses a lot of experts who have handled number of Java J2EE development projects successfully. Our Java developers have handled projects even in the latest version of JDK 1.6.

    When it comes to web development framework like E-Commerce and enterprise applications, our Java development extends into two types of frameworks namely STRUTS and SPRING. STRUTS and SPRING

    Expert developers at Kemal Mobile have successfully implemented projects in the latest version of STRUTS 1.2 and SPRING 2.0. They are also fully geared to handle upcoming versions of STRUTS and SPRING. Along with these, Kemal Mobile professionals also have sound knowledge and experience in J2EE and other applications like Java Bean, JDBC, etc. We have proficient techies who can handle high-end mobile applications with J2ME.

    Looking for a dynamic company that gives you quality Java J2EE development? Kemal Mobile is the right choice to meet your requirements. At competitive rates, Kemal Mobile offers quality services within stipulated time frames.

ASP.Net Development

    ASP .NET is a development technology which is built into the .NET Framework. It is a web application Framework developed by Microsoft. ASP .NET Programmers use this to develop dynamic websites, web applications and XML web services. ASP .NET is a combination of .NET platform and ASP technology. It is built on Common Language Runtime that helps ASP.NET developers to create code using any .NET language. ASP .NET applications can be created from simple notepads to Visual Studio.NET.

    It is essential to have .NET Framework installed in your computer to develop and run an ASP.NET application. It is based on the CLR, Class libraries and other tools which are integrated into the .NET Framework. In operating systems such as Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP, .NET Framework is preinstalled. In systems with other operating systems, .NET Framework has to be installed.

Advantages of using ASP.NET

  • ASP.NET creates faster web applications.
  • The source code is easy to write and maintain.
  • The amount of code that has to be created by ASP .NET developer for complex applications is considerably lesser.
  • ASP.NET web application interfaces with databases and helps to create powerful database driven functionality.
  • The source code is executed on the server.
  • Highly reliable.
  • Multiple language support
  • PUGMARC, one of world's leading web development companies, has a well-established team of qualified ASP .NET developers. Our expert ASP .NET programmers have hands-on experience in ASP.NET projects. Our turn-key solutions, quick turn around times and highly effective services, always benefit our Clients. Contact us to know more about our services.

PHP Development

    PHP is a general purpose scripting language used for web development. It is a server side scripting language. PHP, the recursive acronym of Hypertext Pre-Processor, is written in C language to replace Perl script. The open source code runs on a web server with .php as its extension.

    PHP scripts are used in three main areas like Server side scripting, Command Line Scripting and in developing desktop applications. To run a server side scripting, you need PHP parser (CGI or server module), a web server and web browser. To run a Command Line scripting, PHP parser is essential. Desktop applications can be created only using advanced PHP. The primary function of Advanced PHP is to act as filter. It takes input through file or stream from the PHP instructor and processes the data through another stream for display. The numbers are stored in platform dependent range.

Prime features of PHP:

  • PHP supports Object Oriented Programming
  • Gives reliable performance
  • Exception Procedures handle errors
  • PHP has the capability to integrate all databases, but supports MySQL the best.
  • Integrated SOAP support
  • It is supported in different operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Windows

    Kemal Mobile's PHP team is a convergence of highly qualified and expert PHP developers who have hands on experience in dealing with PHP development projects. Equipped with the latest in PHP - the latest upgrades, new releases and technologies - our PHP programmers develop even complex applications for you in a cost effective way. Our PHP developers and programmers are well trained to handle all advanced and upcoming versions of PHP.

Other Software Services

    Kemal Mobile offers number of software development services at competitive prices. We have highly resourceful and experienced developers who can give a fresh leash of energy to your business through high-end applications. Apart from the primary development services, we also handle projects in C/C+ development, Processing, Microsoft Dynamic X++ development, Flex development, AJAX and Software Testing.

C/C++ Development:

    C is a general purpose programming language which holds the most accurate control of input and output. Though C is more like FORTRAN or PASCAL, it is simpler and more effective than them. C/C+ is an Object Oriented Programming language which helps programmers to develop complex projects with a simple and easy coding process. Holding all the elements of C, C++ supports powerful features like Data Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Exception Handling, Dynamic Binding and a lot more.


    Processing is an open source programming language. Initially developed by artists and designers, Processing is now becoming a considerable option for creating software tools as it helps to develop interactive animations and images. Available for Linux, Mac, Windows and OS X, it supports concepts like Inheritance, Web and Windows based applications, Database Connectivity and Setup and Deployment.

Microsoft Dynamic X++:

    Microsoft Dynamic X++, an object oriented language is a line of intermingled adaptable business management solutions which offers effective functionality of other Microsoft software. Akin to C++ and Java, X++ ensures that the user enjoys a safe, secure, authentic and reliable computing experience. It meets many of the business management needs like Custom Relationship Management, Financial Management and Supply Chain Management.

Flex Development:

    Adobe Flex is a full fledged Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which helps developers to create enhanced cross platform internet applications. A software development kit which comprises of Adobe Flash as its main component, Adobe Flex allows developers to deliver interactive and user-friendly RIAs (Rich Internet Applications). Improved user experience, attractive design patterns and cross platform compatibility are some of the highlights of Adobe Flex. Adobe Flex based applications support Linux, Mac, OS X and Windows operating systems.


    AJAX, otherwise known as Asynchronous JavaScript +XML, is a web development technique that helps to develop sophisticated interface to web applications. Developed using JavaScript and XML language, the Ajax engine reduces the waiting time for information retrieval from server by connecting between the user and the server. The user communication with the server happens asynchronously through the Ajax engine. As Ajax allows improved user experience and better connectivity, it is implemented in many forums, portals and interactive websites where there is need of instant communication.

Software Testing:

    Kemal Mobile has a high-end team of software testers and QA engineers who monitor the developed software for bugs. We do Manual Software Testing. Our SQA process is systematic and is always in close concordance with the development process. Our Testers have the technical caliber to handle even complicated and high-risk projects. We investigate the software at all levels and for all kinds of factors - functionality, efficiency, applicability, compatibility, capability and reliability. Our tried-and-tested QA process is oriented towards the 'detection' and 'elimination' of software bugs.

    Services at Kemal Mobile are qualitative, cost-efficient and effective. We strive to meet all the requirements of our clients.